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CTEK 3 Pin Adapter for Ferrari


Length: 0mm Width: 0mm Height: 0mm


Length: 0mm | Width: 0mm | Height: 0mm
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Product Information:


CTEK to Ferrari Charger Adapter


3 (out of 4) pin locking plug for Ferrari charging ports (normally located in footwell)


This connector will enable the ignition stop feature and dash light feature when plugged in (the vehicle will display a light on the dash when charging and will not be able to crank the engine when the charger is connected).

The lead and connector has been professionally assembled and soldered in house by our cable experts to allow for the very best charging performance. This lead enables fitment to Ferrari charging ports with all current and old CTEK chargers.

This allows the user to use any existing CTEK charger with their vehicle; rather than buy a new branded charger.

Total length is approximately 25cm.


Known Fitments:

Pre 2015:

California / 360 / 430 / 456 / 458  / 550 / 599 / 612 / F12