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At Groves, we recommend CTEK for your charging needs. We also offer a range of more affordable chargers and all relevant accessories that go with them.

CTEK Inverted Magnetic Adapter for Lithium


Length: 280mm Width: 0mm Height: 0mm


Length: 280mm | Width: 0mm | Height: 0mm
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Product Information:

CTEK Battery Charger Magnetic Adapter Plug - Inverted

This specific plug (marked INV) has reversed magnets - to be used exclusively with lithium chargers & batteries only


The MAGRING is a revolutionary magnetic connector system for 12V charging.


Magnets in the housing of the plugs contact two parts of the connector allowing for an easy charging routine. Magnets in the clip (cable) and socket (on vehicle) ensure contact is made between the two parts of the connector as well as providing a switching function. The flat contacts only carry power when the moveable plate in the Port is magnetized by the magnets in the Clip. Totally short-circuit-proof, the clip is designed to avoid other metal objects or permanent magnets inadvertently energizing the contact.

This connector has been professionally assembled in house by our cable experts with a CTEK plug which allows fitments to lithium magnetic charging ports with all current and old CTEK chargers.

This allows the user to use an existing CTEK charger (up to 15Amps) with their vehicle; rather than buy a new branded charger.

We only recommend using the CTEK Lithium XS charger with this plug - please always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Total length is approximately 28cm.


This plug is not to be used on vehicles with lead-acid batteries installed - please see our standard versions for standard batteries


Known O.E. Fitments:


488 Pista (lithium battery installed from new)


Warrantied against manufacturing faults only. Terms & conditions apply. In short:

What's covered: A manufacturing fault that has caused the clip to fail. Items must be sent back (at customers cost) for inspection by us & will be replaced and sent back free of charge if found to be a valid claim.

What's not covered: wear and tear, cable breaks, damage caused by misuse, rust, burnt, corroded or used improperly


Groves Batteries is not affiliated with Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin or Ferrari. These adaptors are assembled in-house using existing CTEK leads and other sourced components and are not official CTEK products once assembled. We are an authorised distributor & stockist of CTEK branded goods & all CTEK goods used in assembly (i.e. cables & plugs) are genuine CTEK items.