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Chargers and Charging Accessories

At Groves, we recommend CTEK for your charging needs. We also offer a range of more affordable chargers and all relevant accessories that go with them.

Ctek Magnetic Adapter - Rolls Royce & Aston Martin

Length: 0mm Width: 0mm Height: 0mm



Product Information:


CTEK Magnetic Adapter Plug


The MAGRING (MagCode) is a revolutionary magnetic connector system for 12V and 24V.


Magnets in the housing of the plugs contact two parts of the connector allowing for an easy charging routine. The flat contacts carry power only when the movable plate in the plug that carries the magnets is attracted by the magnets in the port (on vehicle). Other metal objects or permanent magnets cannot energize the contacts. Thus the MAGRING is 100% short circuit proof.

This connector has been professionally adapted in house by our cable experts with a CTEK plug which allows fitments to all magnetic boot charging ports.

This allows the user to use any CTEK charger (up to 15amps) with their vehicle; rather than a manufacturers charger.


Known O.E. Fitments:


Aston Martin (DB11)


Rolls Royce