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Chargers and Charging Accessories

At Groves, we recommend CTEK for your charging needs. We also offer a range of more affordable chargers and all relevant accessories that go with them.

Exide 12/7 Charger

Length: 225mm Width: 50mm Height: 50mm



Product Information:

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The Exide 12/7 charger (12 V, 7 A) is a powerful modern charger – the perfect choice for fast, cost-effective charging for any battery up to 150 Ah. You can also use it for constant power supply or maintenance charging. A spare cable is included.

The Exide 12/7 provides optimum charging of standard batteries, as well as AGM and GEL. It is ideal for a broad range of applications, from car and motorcycle batteries to boat, caravan and tractor batteries.

Exide battery chargers are fully automatic and have a built-in temperature compensator, which makes them great for all climates. The charger also has integrated safety functions, whereby they can sense if something is wrong with a battery. With an Exide charger, you need to never worry about a flat battery again.

Exide has applied the latest technology to make a battery charger that lives up to the high standards you have come to expect from the Worlds No 1 battery manufacturer.

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Technical Information:

Input: 220–240VAC +/-10%

Input current: Max 1.5A

Back current: ≤1mA

Charging voltage: 13.7–15.5VDC at 25°C

Charging current: Max 7A

Ripple voltage: Max 70mV

Ambient temperature: -40 to +50°C

Cooling: Convection

Type of charge: 5 steps, IUIU + pulse or: 13.7V (maintenance charging)

Lead-acid battery type: AGM/GEL, standard

Battery capacity: 1–150Ah (max 180Ah)

Cabling: Battery cable 1700mm | Power cable 2 x 0.75mm2 1800mm

International protection rating: IP54

Weight: 0.5Kg


Market-leading products

Exide is a world leader in batteries, with next-generation manufacturing facilities and some of the most advanced technology in the industry. They are renowned for market-leading products, including their range of chargers for 12 V batteries.

Exide chargers can be used for a wide range of vehicle and lead- acid battery types. They are fully automatic and have a built-in temperature compensator, which is especially useful in colder climates. The chargers ensure optimum charging, can be used for batteries from 1 Ah up to 300 Ah, and have integrated safety functions to identify if anything is wrong with the battery.


Why do batteries need to be charged?

With a fully charged battery you don’t have to worry about whether your sports car or motorbike will start after a winter stored away. You have full control and avoid any unpleasant surprises. In addition, the battery remains in top condition, and you can rest assured it will work correctly. Regular charging also prolongs battery lifespan.


When should batteries be charged?

All batteries self-discharge to some extent, but the amount depends on the temperature. If the battery’s no-load voltage drops to 12.4 V or less for an extended period, sulfation increases, which impairs charging. So it is important to keep the no-load voltage high, even if the battery is not being used. This applies, for example, to batteries for pleasure boats, motorbikes and other vehicles that are only used part of the year. You can do this either by charging the battery at intervals or through continuous maintenance charging.Exide Charger Footer Image