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Car Batteries

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Banner Power Bull Professional P77 42 | 100

Length: 278mm Width: 175mm Height: 175mm



Product Information:

Banner Header Description Image - Banner is one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world. While their name may not be recognisable, their claim to fame comes from supplying vehicle manufacturers rather than the aftermarket so there is every chance you have already owned a Banner battery. Based wholly in Austria, Banner is a fully independent company owned entirely by one family; much like ourselves. Banner batteries for the aftermarket are manufactured in OEM quality, i.e. on the same production lines by the same personnel using technologies and quality assurance systems identical to those employed for batteries for automotive manufacturers - this means the Banner Pro range is the only true O.E. battery on the market and we are proud to be one of the first distributors in the UK to supply the Pro range. The Banner production plant in Linz-Leonding is one of the most modern and environmentally friendliest battery plants in Europe. Banner supplies O.E. batteries to: VW BMW Audi Mercedes Porsche Aston Martin


Banner Pro P77 42

680A 77Ah

(Same as 100 battery size) 


What O.E. (Original Equipment) Means:

An O.E. part is a vehicle part that is fitted to the vehicle in production. These parts are typically the highest quality available as the manufauture do not want their new vehicles to break down within the first few years of life.

In aftermarket parts, there are O.E. specification parts (or O.E. Spec) which are made to the same standard that the manufacturer specified but are usually made for volume and with costs in mind.

In batteries, the Exide Premium range is a O.E. Spec Battery; made to the same specification as the O.E. battery whereas the Banner Pro is made on the same production line as the O.E. battery; these are the same as the original unit fitted at the factory.


In effect, this is the very highest quality battery on the market.






The Power Bull is the flagship for Banner brand quality and THE choice for modern cars. A claim supported by the top ratings obtained during the independent battery tests of leading European automobile clubs. The Banner Power Bull answers the steadily increasing demands created by ever-higher, on-board power consumption and is therefore employed by car manufacturers such as BMW and VW for first fitting. Calcium / calcium technology and the Double Top lid mean that the Power Bull offers greater safety, improved deep charging capacity and easier charging.

The new top versions of the Power Bull PROfessional with increased performance are based on proven Power Bull technology and fulfil precisely the requirements of leading German automotive manufacturers. These power packs are designed for modern cars with very high energy demands but without a start/stop system.




with the sustainable batteries from Banner. 100% environmentally compatible used battery recycling.

Original Quality Icon


Banner batteries meet exactly the stipulations of leading German automotive manufacturers. These power packs are designed for modern vehicles with high energy requirements.

Extra CaCa Power Icon


Absolute maintenance-free owing to calcium technology. Increased starting power - maximum safety - improved deep charging capability - easier charging.

Safety Icon


Safety in the fast lane. The Power Bull’s patented Double Top leak protection ensures absolute safety at angles of up to 55° and even survived the tough roll-over test according to VW standards. Improved protection against backfiring and electrostatic discharge (ESD), as well as flexible gas vents, mounted on both sides, round off the Double Top safety package in style and help to also make the Power Bull, as well as ideal for SUVs.


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Battery Terminology:

What is a Ampere, or Amp?

The unit of measurement of current flow. One volt placed across a one ohm resistance will cause a current of one Amp to flow.

What is a Ampere-hour or Ah?

One amp for one hour is called an “amp-hour” or Ah. Ah is an indicator of the total energy the battery can store and deliver at its rated voltage. Current multiplied by time in hours equals ampere-hours. A current of one amp for one hour would be one amp-hour. The Ah performance rating of automotive batteries is measured over 20 hours of discharge, so a current of 3 amps for 20 hours would be 60 Ah.

What does Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA) mean?

The CCA is an indicator of the power the battery can deliver for engine start. Consequently, bigger engines usually require higher CCA values to operate. CCA is measured in Amperes under normalised conditions (discharge at -18ºC, keeping battery voltage over a minimum value) according to the standard EN50342-1.

What is Voltage?

All modern conventional cars use a 12V battery consisting of six cells of 2V per cell. For other applications lead-acid batteries are also available in 6V. 

* ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) Breakdown Statistics 2013