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Caravan and Motorhome Batteries

We stock a large amount of leisure batteries for a wide range of applications. From caravan batteries to electric fence batteries, we offer the very best to suit your needs. If you cannot find what you require please call, email or pop into our shop.

Groves Portable Power | 110Ah Leisure Battery


Length: 328mm Width: 171mm Height: 237mm


Length: 328mm | Width: 171mm | Height: 237mm
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Product Information:

A premium quality sealed leisure battery that gives you reliable high performance under continuous cycling. 

  • NCC Class C
  • General auxiliary use
  • Sealed 
  • Suitable for Motormovers
  • Up to 40% extra power

The Platinum Leisure Plus Battery SD6110CB has been specifically designed to cope with continuous cycling, whilst giving the highest performance and durable, reliable long life for all caravan/motorhome & marine applications. 

  • Ah: 110 
  • Volts: 12V 
  • Weight: 24 Kg
  • Maintenance free

Terminal Layout:

Platinum Dual Layout/Top View

Unique 'Thick-Grid' technology with glass fibre separators

Unique plate construction, increasing electrical capacity, improving deep cycle capability and provides greater resistance to vibration, extending service life.

'Labyrinth-Lid' technology and spark arrestor

Allows emissions to be safely exhausted externally from your caravan or motor-home with added protection against gas combustion within the battery. This increases on-board safety, allowing you to store the battery within your living accommodation.

State-of-charge indicator 

An easy to use visual indicator to check the battery's charge and acid levels.

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