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Classic & Vintage Batteries

We offer a huge selection of 6 volt and 12 volt batteries for use on classic and vintage vehicles. From traditional hard rubber cases to more modern technologies, we cater to your requirements. Not all batteries are stocked, so please contact us if you'd like to check the lead time.

Shield Classic 501


Length: 224mm Width: 173mm Height: 217mm


Length: 224mm | Width: 173mm | Height: 217mm
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Product Information:

British Made 

Hard Rubber Case     6 Volts     Rated: 88 AH

When appearance and performance are of equal factors, Shield Batteries manufacture to concourse standards, making them the ideal choice for the classic vehicle owner.

All of Shield's classic vehicle batteries are hard rubber, matching the original manufacturers specification. Have the ultimate classic car battery, giving the correct period look to your pride and joy.

Our classic vehicle batteries fit a full range of classic cars including:

Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Landrover, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls Royce, TVR, Volkswagen and many more...


Features of Shield Batteries:

  • Large range of hard rubber classic vehicle batteries, available in 6v and 12v.
  • Period looking batteries
  • Battery re-build service availble.
  • British engineered.



Please note, due to recent changes in the law, we are unable to ship these batteries with acid. We are also unable to fill them with acid and ship as these batteries can easily spill while in transit.

We will only ship the dry, empty battery; this means you will have to find a local shop/garage who can fill the battery with suitable battery acid.

For Click & Collect orders, we can fill and charge the battery before collection.

Please contact us if you need to ask a question or need more information.