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Classic & Vintage Car Batteries

We offer a huge selection of 6 volt and 12 volt batteries for use on classic and vintage vehicles. From traditional hard rubber cases to more modern technologies, we cater to your requirements.

Exide Vintage EU140-6 | 511/531

L: 257mm W: 175mm H: 236mm
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Product Information:

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Exide Vintage | 6 Volt | EU140-6

511/531 Classic Car Battery


900A | 140Ah



Exide Leisure ER Icons


Details at a glance:


  • Ideal for traditional vintage fitments with either single 6V or dual battery 12V systems
  • Regular mounting conditions (i.e. mounted upright)
  • Low maintenance, easy electrolyte inspection
  • Medium vibration resistant
  • Spill-proof


2 Year Warranty


Exide is one of the only main battery manufacturers that keep a 6 Volt range in current production. Using their technology and knowledge from their 12 Volt ranges, the Vintage range boasts incredible starting performance over traditional 6 Volt styles and their competitors. 


The delivery costs are a little more than other batteries due to the extra materials and handling required to ensure safe delivery via courier. These style of classic battery are not at all sealed and it is very easy to spill the battery acid, hence the extra handling is required.