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Classic & Vintage Car Batteries

We offer a huge selection of 6 volt and 12 volt batteries for use on classic and vintage vehicles. From traditional hard rubber cases to more modern technologies, we cater to your requirements.

Exide Vintage EU80-6 (421)

L: 158mm W: 165mm H: 220mm
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Product Information:

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Exide Vintage | 6 Volt | EU80-6


600A | 80Ah


Also known as a 421


Exide Leisure ER Icons


Details at a glance:

  • Ideal for traditional vintage fitments with either single 6V or dual battery 12V systems
  • Regular mounting conditions (i.e. mounted upright)
  • Low maintenance, easy electrolyte inspection
  • Medium vibration resistant
  • Spill-proof

2 Year Warranty

Exide is one of the only main battery manufacturers that keep a 6 Volt range in current production. Using their technology and knowledge from their 12 Volt ranges, the Vintage range boasts incredible starting performance over traditional 6 Volt styles and their competitors.