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Lithium Batteries

All of our lithium batteries can be used for a host of applications. From lithium leisure batteries, golf trolley batteries & mobility batteries; our main partners are Lifos and Eco Tree - both brands boast high quality products and we boast unbeatable prices.

Ecotree 7.2Ah Lithium Battery - NP7-12


Length: 151mm Width: 65mm Height: 100mm


Length: 151mm | Width: 65mm | Height: 100mm
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Product Information:

Ecotree 7.2Ah Lithium (LiFePo) Battery


12.8V | 7.2Ah | 92Wh

Weight: 0.97Kg


Lithium drop in replacement for:

NP7-12 | Y7-12 | NPG7-12 | NP7-12FR | FG20722 | RE7-12


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Lasts longer between charges & overall life

Compared to lead-acid, lithium batteries boast a huge energy capacity which means they last longer per charge, and can be cycled (how many times discharged & charged) up to x10 more than lead-acid batteries


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Weights 0.97Kg

Compared to lead acid equivalent that weights 4.2Kg


Consistent PowerFull output, all the time

Will maintain a consistent power output until it shuts itself off when the charge gets too low. If running an electric motor, this means there will be no slow down when the charge gets low


Fast ChargeFully charged in as little as 3 hours

Or a maximum of 6 hours (depending on charger)


Lithium Cost SavingsInvest in your battery future

Ecotree's super long life means the upkeep cost per year is reduced compared to lead acid


Safe lithium

 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Ecotree's LiFePO4 cells are inherently made to be safe; so much so we consider them to be the safer than lead-acid thanks to their BMS. They contain absolutely no acid, generate no gas emissions and are highly recyclable. Any sign of anything that could damage the battery, the BMS will protect itself by shutting off - simply connect to a charger to turn the BMS back on


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Lithium cylindrical cells made by Saft

Saft of France is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced battery manufacturers there is. Their cells are made with quality in mind; so much so, they are the go to for military and space energy solutions. With over 100 years of experience, there is none more suited to the job.


6 Year Full Warranty

6 Year Full Warranty