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We have been servicing Gloucestershire for 70 years. Unlike other distributors, we work with our products and you personally so we have unparalled experience with everything to do with batteries. See all of our services we offer to Gloucestershire below.

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Custom Made Leads


Length: 0mm Width: 0mm Height: 0mm


Length: 0mm | Width: 0mm | Height: 0mm
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Product Information:

All sizes are custom made to your specification 

We have lots of different sizes of high-grade copper cables in stock, ready to be cut to size. We also have a range of eyelet sizes for any application, whether it's a simple negative earth or a complete starter motor cable. 

All cabling is professionally finished with heavy duty crimping and heat shrinking wrapping to ensure the very best performance and life of the cable is at its longest. 

Ask in store today for our custom leads.