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We have been servicing Gloucestershire for 70 years. Unlike other distributors, we work with our products and you personally so we have unparalled experience with everything to do with batteries. See all of our services we offer to Gloucestershire below.

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Stop-Start Battery Fitment


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Save hundreds of pounds with Stop-Start fitting at Groves Batteries

If you own a Stop-Start vehicle or a vehicle with very 'light' eco modes, you may well require a 'AGM' or 'EFB' battery. These units are very heavy duty due to the increased strain on the battery for the eco features. You can find our range of Stop-Start batteries and a bit more info by clicking here

As these units are generally fully sealed and non-spillable, vehicle manufacturers like to move the battery location around inside the vehicle - normally in very hard to get to spots. On top of that, the vehicle will need to be notified of the battery change via a computer. This service is normally well over £200 at mainstream garages as they like to charge for at least 1 hour labour (plus they keep your vehicle for at least half a day). This is where Groves comes in. 

At a fixed fitting fee, we install a new battery and code it to the vehicle - all included in the price. We know of every Start-Stop vehicle and it's batteries, so you can be rest assured that we know what we are doing.



Almost every car made after 2008 will have what's called an OBD socket. This allows for easy diagnostics and also battery validation. This is a required process if you plan to change your battery as the alternator changes its charging rate over time and we need to tell it that there is a new battery. Failure to do so will impact drastically on the lifetime, performance of the battery and will void the warranty.


For more information on AGM and EFB batteries, please click on the following links: EFBAGM