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Motorbike Batteries

We offer a massive range of motorcycle batteries. We offer batteries from Yuasa and Exide; both original equipment manufacturers. If you do not know what battery fits your bike, give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to assist in any way. Please note that almost all of these batteries do not come filled with acid. Simply get in touch and our trained staff can fill the battery with acid for you.

Exide 12/2 Li-ion Charger

L: 0mm W: 0mm H: 0mm
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Product Information:

Please note: This charger is for lithium batteries only.

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Features and Functions 

> Maximum safety: No current or voltage when the charger is not connected to the battery

> Maintenance charge: The charger can be used to perform maintenance charge when the vehicle is in storage or used infrequently

> Automatic verification: The charger stops charging if the battery voltage cannot reach 10V after two hours

> Low voltage recovery: When the battery voltage drops below 8V, the charger will perform a recovery charge with 0.2Amps until the voltage reaches 8V. Then the current will automatically switch to 0.5Amps to continue charging until the voltage reaches 10V

> Constant charge current: when the battery voltage is over 10V, the charger will deliver a constant current of 2Amps until the battery voltage reaches the limit of 14.2V

> Floating charge: The charger switches to floating charge mode and gradually reduces current when battery voltage reaches 14.2V