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UPS Batteries

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Ranging in size from desk top units to large plant room installations, UPS’s are a no-break backup power supply for essential equipment. Our batteries can be sized to give the autonomy and load required for any project.
Our main partner is Yuasa; an unparalleled and powerful brand in the industrial battery market who offers incredible choice and availability. Almost all Yuasa's industrial batteries are made locally in the U.K. We also stock Genesis; a more economical choice for the less demanding systems.
We have over 70 years experience with industrial units and our aim is to provide an incredible service with a full and hassle-free experience. 
We are trusted by The NHS, Government departments, private hospitals, hotels, public spaces, emergency services, power stations and aviation firms to name a few. 
Yuasa Lithium UPS System
A Yuasa Lithium UPS System
As we are a main battery distributor for the U.K., we enjoy preferable rates from suppliers as we buy in bulk. This discounted rate is passed on to our customers so you can expect the best service and products but for a lot less.
We also supply the batteries for small systems too. Small 2 or 3 gang (portable) UPS systems for PC's or other systems are easy to service and we can supply and fit the batteries within the same day. Simply pop in with the UPS or give us a call. 

What is our process? 

Once you have been in contact, we will get to work finding the best solution based on your requirements and budget. We will collect all data required on the new batteries; even discharge rates and graphs so you have a full picture of what we may be supplying you. Alternatively, if you already know what you want, we will start ordering and bringing in the batteries.

You can visit Yuasa's website (by clicking here) and see what is available. 

Once we have everything we need, we will provide several options for quality, output and recommendations along with a quote for each. 

As an example, see the below table:

Part Number

EUROBAT Classification

Design Life

Unit price EX VAT (based on 60 units)


Standard Commercial

Up to 5 years


SW280 (Higher consistent power output)

Standard Commercial

Up to 5 years



General Purpose

Up to 10 years


Fitting excluded.


If you're happy with everything, we can book in delivery and/or fitting. We can also do a site visit before anything and create an access statement if required. We have an incredibly talented electrical engineer who we contract the fitting and servicing to.
Once the units have been fitted, we will arrive on site to dispose of the old units free of charge and check all work has been carried out to our standards. 
For anything regarding UPS batteries, including any questions or quotes, please email
as we will be more than happy to be of assitance.

What is UPS?

The most common system is standby. Standby UPS resorts to battery backup power in the event of common power problems such as a blackout, voltage sag, or voltage surge. When incoming utility power drops below or surges above safe voltage levels, the UPS switches to DC battery power and then inverts it to AC power to run connected equipment. These models are designed for consumer electronics, lighting, entry-level computers, POS systems, security systems, and other electronic equipment.


Standby & Cyclic Definitions


A float STANDBY application is one where a battery is maintained, using a float charge voltage, in a 100% state of charge ready to support an attached load immediately should the mains supply fail. The float charge voltage ensures the correct current flow to compensate for any self-discharge characteristic . A typical application for an industrial battery system would be an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).
Yuasa consider a float standby application to be where a battery:
• Has no more discharges than is indicated in the table below.

DOD (Depth of Discharge) 

Allowable Discharges per Year (average)

0.1 - 10%


11 - 30%


31 - 100%


• Is expected to have prolonged periods of float charge, > 3 months, between discharges on average and at least 72 hours recharge between planned consecutive discharges (unless the battery you are using has repeat duty sizing for reduced charging times).
• Is expected to spend >99.9% of its life on float charge.
• Is never left in partially discharged condition.

Yuasa VRLA STANDBY Battery types: NP, NPL, SWL and EN


A CYCLIC application is one where a battery is discharged and charged on a regular and/or planned basis. A typical application for a CYCLIC industrial battery system would be an electrical power load shedding system.
Yuasa consider a CYCLIC application to be where a battery:
• Is regularly3 subjected to charge times of <72 hours between discharges.
• Is regularly3 discharged to any depth of discharge.
• Following first use is subjected to periods longer than 1 month without charge in any 6 month period.
• Following first use is left in a partial state of discharge for >1 week.


Yuasa VRLA cyclic battery types: NPC, REC, ENL, SLE


1. Float charge can include intermittent charging patterns, having periods when fully charged batteries stand at open circuit. However, to ensure battery strings are correctly equalised for state of charge and charge acceptance characteristics, continuous float charge conditions should be applied for at least 6 months after commissioning or alterations to battery configuration.
2. Depth of Discharge (DOD). In regards to this document, 100% discharge is considered to be the end of the calculated autonomy period at any given load. A 10% discharge would be a discharge time of 10% of the calculated autonomy at a given load.
3. ‘Regularly’ could be considered as more than twice per month on average.